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Pizza and Popcorn

Phase 2: 2017 – 2018

Many consider Phase 2 of Pizza and Popcorn to be the golden age of the series. Defined by crude, darker humor, Phase 2 of Pizza and Popcorn is all in the format of one-panel gag “covers” for the two characters. Meaning, while there are no full-length ‘comics’ in Phase 2, these fake “covers” made by Truman and Chap found much success and delivered only a glimpse at the overarching story, with the reader left to fill in what might be behind it all. In addition to one-panel covers becoming the new common format for Pizza and Popcorn comics, many of the comics were made on math notes or homework. Due to sharing the same Pre-Cal class and sitting right next to each other, Truman and Chap spent most classes creating new Pizza and Popcorn content rather than learn. [More comics from this era will be posted soon]

WARNING: This section is tagged as [NSFW]. It may contain but is not limited to: nudity, intense violence, blood & gore, drugs, sexual or offensive content, and strong language. View at your own discretion.

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Even more comics from Phase 2 coming soon. . .

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