Introducing C5A Gaming

The masses have spoken, and the C5A eSports team name has been decided! The new Official eSports team of C5A is the C5Austin Blue Lightning! With so many eSports team nowadays, why root for C5A? The all-new C5A Gaming team has the appearance and play-style of the average gamer, but takes casual gaming to the …

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C5A Subreddit

The Official C5A Subreddit has been created! Here you can discuss C5A products, videos, and anything C5A - with fellow C5A fans! Similar to the C5A Discord, you can find C5A updates and news, along with direct responses from C5A Staff. Pitch C5A video, merch, and event ideas, and have a blast with C5A discussions …

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Happy Pride Month! In honor of Pride Month, C5A is releasing C5Pride! It is a strongly held belief at The C5A Company that everyone deserves equality, no matter their identity or sexual orientation. Show your love for equality AND C5A with this limited time design. C5Pride will be leaving the C5A Store on July 1st, …

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Welcome to the C5A Mother's Day Sale 2019! May 11-13th Below, you will find links to the multiple different C5A items on sale. Click on their image to be redirected to their sale page. The way represent works, you must use these specific links on each image to gain access to their sale price.